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Why MAT?

What Is the Goal of Medication-Assisted Treatment?

The goal of MAT is to bring stability to your body and mind during the crucial phases of treatment and early recovery from addiction, allowing you to feel normal and focused on healing.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Understanding Addiction:

Addiction treatment can be challenging if you don’t address the physical dependence of addiction. Your body and mind expect drugs or alcohol to feel good or even just normal. Without substances, your brain might be centered on using rather than healing.

  • Gaining Traction: MAT aids in reducing the cravings and discomfort that come with recovery, allowing you to concentrate on healing rather than the overwhelming urge to use substances.
  • Easing Withdrawal: Withdrawal can be intensely uncomfortable and dangerous without the right support. MAT alleviates these symptoms, enabling you to move past the "survival mode" and begin to grow and thrive.
  • Focus on Healing: MAT allows you to engage deeply with your treatment plan without the distractions of cravings and urges, offering a solid foundation for learning new coping mechanisms and relapse prevention strategies.

The Journey to Sobriety:

Substance abuse treatment is a journey; your body and mind need time to adjust to a life without substances. MAT provides a supportive environment during this transition, preventing potential overdoses and other life-threatening complications during detoxification, especially for those with severe addictions.

With MAT and a personalized treatment plan from Positive Health and Wellness, achieving sobriety is attainable, and learning to maintain it becomes an integral part of your recovery journey.

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